document security solutions

Document Security Solutions: Why and How

Nowadays, the general methods of ensuring information security consist of organizational, technical, economic, and legal ones. Take a look at the best document security solutions in the article below.

The Main Methods of Document Security

Many companies, despite their concern for information security, use standard communication channels (public mail services, file storage) to send critical information outside the perimeter of the corporate information system. There is also a considerable risk of losing confidential information due to the dishonesty of employees (protection from insiders) who can misuse important corporate documents (forwarding to third parties, copying to a USB flash drive, etc.). How can companies protect information?

Business-confidential information is of high interest to competing companies. For unscrupulous competitors, corrupt officials, and other intruders, information about the composition of the management of enterprises, their status, and the activities of the company are of particular interest. Access to and modification of confidential information can cause significant damage to a company’s financial position.

At the same time, information leakage can be even partial. In some cases, even ensuring that 1/5 of confidential information is stolen can have critical implications for financial security. The reason for information leakage, if there is no proper information security of the organization, maybe various accidents caused by the inexperience of employees.

Organizational and technical methods of document security include:

  • information security system (by which we mean a set of measures (internal rules for working with data, rules for the transfer of information, access to them, etc.) and technical means (use of programs and devices to maintain data confidentiality));
  • development (creation of new), operation and improvement of existing information security tools;
  • permanent control over the effectiveness of the measures taken in the field of information security.

What Are the Best Way to Send Important Documents?

The technological, production and commercial data that enterprises use are of high value, and their loss or leakage can lead to serious financial losses. For the oil and gas complex, which is of strategic importance for the country’s economy, the price of the issue is especially high. Therefore, one of the goals for enterprises in the industry is to create a reliable information security system.

The best way to send important documents is to use the virtual data room service because it:

  1. Detects sensitive data using built-in or custom regular expressions or a function. Direct evidence includes keywords, confidence levels, and distance.
  2. Protects your sensitive data throughout its lifecycle with sensitive labels, as well as related encryption, access restrictions, visual tagging, and more.
  3. Defines sensitive data by using examples of the data you are interested in, rather than by defining parts of an element (pattern matching). You can use the built-in classifiers or train the classifier with your own content.
  4. Confidentiality. Your privacy is a key priority for the data room service.
  5. Security Control Center. Information about status, security, system privacy, and compliance can be found in the data room provider.

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